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  • Name:cut 1500pcs /hour TS-J39 PQJ Big frame cutting machine
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Product Description

 TAISHENG Framing Supplies TS-J39 PQJ Big frame cutting machine large factory automation  frame cutting.

This machine can cut many pcs in one time . Save your time and your money . More details you can let us know . sales@taishengframe.com

The data:

Power  7.18KW
Vote 380V,50hz,3 phases
Air-op Mpa 6-8Mpa
Max width of cutting  350mm
Max height of cutting  50mm
Max length of cutting  600mm - 1300mm
Speed of saw 2000r/min & 4000R/min
Advantage 1 Cutting many pcs in one time ,
Advantage 2

Cutting 4 different size in one pcs mouldings 

Weight 850KG
Machine size L 260 x W185 x H 135cm

Here is the Video as below . If this video not open , you can find it on our Youtube

Video 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P268nzi1PWs&feature=youtu.be

Video 2: https://youtu.be/rHJsg6bHKgg


Advantage of this machine : Please check more as the Video.

1, Only 1mm waste to 45dgrees, save your mouldings and money.

2, Cutting many pcs in one time , save your Time . If mould width is 21mm, it means it can cut 15pcs in one time.

3, Auto cutting , Safely.

If cutting wood, ps or MDF, good framing joint partner :TS-J50ZS automatic framing robot . 

each hour finish 1600-2400pcs frame .

Click link to learn more details: http://taishengframe.com/en-US/product848.html

this one will helps you finish fast work in one time , all corner in perfect cutting degrees . Worker only need put and collect mouldings when work . New worker can handle it easy and get better corner . 

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TS-J39 PQJ Frame automatic cutting machine, easy cut 1800pcs frame/hour! this one is important machine with J50 together. 

As it can cutting lots moulding in one time, 1-2 machine can handle very heavy work. More details welcome call us order it ! 

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how to produce picture frames? 

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how to set up automatic picture frame production line ? 

this machine will helps you solve it Frame Assembly Machine Stretcher Bar cutting machine #StretcherBar #canvaspainting

Different  mouldings will need different mould . If you need this machine , you need contact us and send us your moudling . So that we can design a mould for your company .
All moulding can be cutting by this machine . Only need to adjust the speed of saw and change saw blade if you need .  More special requirments , You can call us !


Here is video . Some time it will has 30-60 seconds ad . Cause the video company need profit . Please wait a while.

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